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Out of the Blue

Pieces for Passions and Pastimes

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The Beauty of Featherweight

Our blue Featherweight paper was a rather clever invention by our founder, Frank Smythson. Half the thickness and weight of normal paper, it allows many pages to be contained within a slim, light book.

While it’s remarkably thin (hold it up to the sunlight and you’ll see what we mean) it is rigorously tested to ensure it can hold a pen’s ink, leaving you free to doodle and sketch to your heart’s content on every page.

Our Special Bindings

Every Smythson notebook is crafted using a distinctive “floppy” binding, individually hand-finished by our artisans in England.

Not only will the leather cover soften and gain charm and character over time, this technique also allows your book to lie satisfyingly flat while you add your strokes of brilliance.

Correspondence with Character
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