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‘Once a person uses one of our diaries they never let it down… or I should say… it never lets them down’

Nellie Smythson, 1942

Frank Smythson made history in 1908 when he created the world’s first practical, portable agenda. Affectionately nicknamed ‘the Panama hat of books’, the agenda broke the mould with its Featherweight paper and pliable binding, enabling it to be squashed, folded and rolled without becoming misshapen. From its stitched spine and supple leather binding to the clean, crisp leaves of gilded Featherweight paper, Frank’s original design remains virtually unchanged to this day. Each Smythson agenda is carefully curated, with a wide selection of various shapes, sizes and layouts designed to be your personal companion whether you’re a pragmatist looking for a discreet pocket agenda, or a busy socialite looking to organise your busy schedule.

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